Some people take the high road and some take the low but Jason Kechely has never defined his life or his music along a single path. The upcoming release of his debut, self-titled album is steeped in Jason's dynamic history of kicking up dust on the many roads he has traveled.

The album was produced with Jason by Kevin Kane (Grapes of Wrath) and mixed by Stephen Drake (The Odds) and weaves the best qualities of this alt-rock powerhouse team into a visceral and heartfelt experience combining the best of Jason's lush vocals over Kevin's exquisitely layered guitar parts.

The album is a cross-section of life experiences, ranging from melodic ballads like "Alive & Kicking", to the introspective and upbeat "Find a Way" and the anthem rock style of "Gone". The songs all have an undercurrent of positive energy. Find a Way is about the perspective of how one sees life in their mind and how to make it a reality. As Jason notes, "it's about being adamant about making positive change happen in your life." The album will be released under Jason's own label Popular Resistance Records, which is currently seeking distribution/licensing for the project.


Jason is joined by an all-star cast of players including Darren Paris (bass), Jesse Zubot (violin), Coco Love Alcorn (vocals), Dave Webb (keys), Kent Wallace (trumpet and horns), and Bill Runge (saxophone). He has also lined-up a superbly talented band to back him including, Tony Marriott (drums), John Bews (bass), Mark Campbell (guitar) and Kevin Kane (guitar and vocals). The album is the culmination of Jason’s life, his musical background and finding himself ready to put these songs in the limelight. “I finally felt like it was time to give my music away and that it was wanted and needed.”

The new album is scheduled for world-wide release September 27th, 2007.